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BEC Committee

Code TC 100/TA 20
Description Analogue and digital audio
Origin IEC  (Documents originated by the concerned international technical committee of IEC)
English placeholder ceb_main CEB-BEC 100 - Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment horizontal committee
English placeholder clc_main CLC TC100X - Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment and related sub-systems
English placeholder iec_main TC 100 - AUDIO, VIDEO AND MULTIMEDIA SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT Horizontal committee
Situation Actual

IEC 60098:2020
IEC 60268-22:2020
IEC 60268-23:2023
IEC 60268-24:2023
IEC 60268-7:2010+AMD1:2020 CSV
IEC 60268-7:2010/AMD1:2020
IEC 60958-1:2021
IEC 60958-1:2021 RLV
IEC 60958-3:2021
IEC 60958-3:2021 RLV
IEC 60958-5:2021
IEC 61937-11:2021
IEC 61937-11:2021 RLV
IEC 61937-15:2021
IEC 61937-1:2021
IEC 61937-1:2021 RLV
IEC 61937-2:2021
IEC 61937-2:2021 RLV
IEC 61937-3:2017+AMD1:2020 CSV
IEC 61937-3:2017/AMD1:2020
IEC 61937-5:2006+AMD1:2019 CSV
IEC 61937-5:2006/AMD1:2019
IEC 62760:2016+AMD1:2019 CSV
IEC 62760:2016/AMD1:2019