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BEC Committee

Code CLC/SR 112
Description Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulating materials and systems (to be defined)
Origin CEN/CLC  (Activities originated by joint activity CEN/CENELEC)
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Situation Actual

NBN EN 61858-1:2014/AC:2024-05
NBN EN IEC 60112:2021
NBN EN IEC 60216-3:2021
NBN EN IEC 60216-5:2022
NBN EN IEC 60216-6:2023
NBN EN IEC 60544-5:2022
NBN EN IEC 60587:2022
NBN EN IEC 61857-32:2019
NBN EN IEC 62631-2-2:2022
NBN EN IEC 62631-3-1:2023
NBN EN IEC 62631-3-2:2023
NBN EN IEC 62836:2024