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BEC Committee

Code SyC Smart Cities
Description SyC Smart Cities
Origin IEC  (Documents originated by the concerned international technical committee of IEC)
English placeholder ceb_main CEB-BEC SyC - Smart Cities - Electrotechnical aspects of Smart Cities
English placeholder clc_main
English placeholder iec_main SyC Smart Cities - SyC Smart Cities
Situation Actual  / Infogroup
Ir DELENS Marc  -

IEC SRD 63152-2:2022
IEC SRD 63188:2022
IEC SRD 63233-1:2022
IEC SRD 63233-2:2023
IEC SRD 63233-4:2024
IEC SRD 63235:2021
IEC SRD 63273-1:2023
IEC SRD 63273-2:2024
IEC SRD 63320-1:2023
IEC SRD 63476-1:2024