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Publication CODE Title
NBN EN 61400-1:2006/A1:2011 (2010-11) WIND TURBINE PART 1 : DESIGN REQUIREMENTS
Price Excl. VAT Total number of pages, tables and drawings
10.00 € 4 P..
[Text at this stage is not available in English]
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ATTENTION: Belgian registered standards (NBN EN or NBN HD) are generally only available in English or French. Only the cover page is translated and the document itself is in English or in French.

Very important notice: 98% of the text of the NBN EN 55XXX, NBN EN 6XXXX comes from the IEC text which is NOT included. This text can be ordered here: IEC 61400-1:2005/AMD1:2010. For the series NBN EN 50XXX, the standards are however complete.

DE version
EN version
FR version
Status Registered trilingual Belgian standard EN or FR or DE
Situation Withdrawn
Replaced by  NBN EN IEC 61400-1:2019
Committee TC 88
Responsible De heer VAN HECKE Luk
BEC Approval 2010-11-01
NBN Approval 2011-01-21
Belgian Official Journal 2011-03-08
Registration 115268
ICS-Code (International Standards Classification) 27.180
NBN Status New
Date of ratification (d.o.r.) 2010-11-01
Date of availability (d.a.v.) 2010-11-19
Date of announcement (d.o.a.) 2011-02-01
Date of publication (d.o.p.) 2011-08-01
Date of withdrawal former edition (d.o.w.) 2013-11-01
Correspondences with international standards
Relation International standard Date
is identical to EN 61400-1:2005/A1:2010 2010-11-19
is identical to IEC 61400-1:2005/AMD1:2010/ed. 3.0 2010-10-13
Relations to belgian/foreign publications
Type Origin Code Date
Standard Foreign HD 478.2.1 S1
Standard Foreign HD 60364-5-54
Standard Foreign IEC 60721-2-1
Standard Foreign ISO 2394
Standard Foreign ISO 2533
Standard Foreign ISO 281
Standard Foreign ISO 4354
Standard Foreign ISO 6336-2
Standard Belgium ISO 6336-3
Standard Foreign ISO 76
Standard Foreign ISO 81400-4
Standard Belgium NBN EN 60204-1
Standard Belgium NBN EN 60204-11
Standard Belgium NBN EN 60364 serie
Standard Belgium NBN EN 61000-6-1
Standard Belgium NBN EN 61000-6-2
Standard Belgium NBN EN 61000-6-4
Standard Belgium NBN EN 61400-2
Standard Belgium NBN EN 61400-21
Standard Belgium NBN EN 61400-24
Standard Belgium NBN EN 62305-3
Standard Belgium NBN EN 62305-4