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IEC 60436:2015 applies to electric dishwashers for household and similar use that are supplied with hot and/or cold water. The object is to state and define the principal performance characteristics of electric dishwashers for household and similar use and to describe the standard methods of measuring these characteristics. This standard is concerned neither with safety nor with minimum performance requirements. This edition constitutes a technical revision and includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a) Addition of a specification of the reference dishwasher G1222, addition of the microwave oven 752C, inclusion of standby/low power modes and updated cutlery and tableware items. b) Combined cleaning and drying: combining the cleaning and drying performance evaluations into one test, along with the energy and water consumption evaluation, prevents an opportunity for circumvention if tests were performed separately. A dishwasher can detect whether soil is present (cleaning evaluation) or not (drying evaluation) and adjust the cycle to favour performance; combining the tests addresses this. c) New dish load items: new dish load items were incorporated which reflect consumer use. New items are: stainless pots, coffee mugs, melamine plastic items, and glass bowl. The new load items provide different shapes which challenge a dishwasher water spray patterns and provide additional surfaces for soil removal assessment. d) Detergent: a new detergent "D" is specified which mirrors current tablet formulations available on the market. Detergent type D is phosphate free, with percarbonate instead of perborate bleach and more active enzymes. e) Repeatability and reproducibility improvements. f) Addition of annexes for the evaluation of soil sensing programmes, rinsing performance, dishwasher filtration and of an annex on the inlet water temperature influence on energy consumption.
Class  C
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ATTENTION: Belgian registered standards (NBN EN or NBN HD) are generally only available in English or French. Only the cover page is translated and the document itself is in English or in French.

Very important notice: 98% of the text of the NBN EN 55XXX, NBN EN 6XXXX comes from the IEC text which is NOT included. This text can be ordered here: IEC 60436:2015. For the series NBN EN 50XXX, the standards are however complete.

EN version
FR version
Status Registered trilingual Belgian standard EN or FR or DE
Situation Currently active
Replaces  NBN EN 50242:2016
Committee CLC/TC 59X
Performance of household and similar electrical appliances
BEC Approval 2019-09-30
NBN Approval 2020-04-29
NBN Status New
Date of ratification (d.o.r.) 2019-09-30
Date of availability (d.a.v.) 2020-03-27
Date of announcement (d.o.a.) 2020-06-27
Date of publication (d.o.p.) 2020-09-27
Date of withdrawal former edition (d.o.w.) 2023-03-27
Correspondences with international standards
Relation International standard Date
is identical to EN 60436:2020 2020-03-27
is based on IEC 60436:2015 2015-10-29