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This clause of Part 1 is completely replaced by the following: This part of IEC 60669 applies to electronic control devices, a general term to cover electronic switches, home and building electronic systems (HBES) / building automation and control systems (BACS) switches and electronic extension units. It applies to electronic switches and to HBES/BACS switches, for alternating current (AC) only with a rated switching voltage not exceeding 250 V and a rated current not exceeding 16 A, intended for household and similar fixed electrical installations, either indoors or outdoors. It also applies to electronic extension units with a rated supply voltage not exceeding 250 V AC and 120 V DC, such as sensors and push buttons. This document also applies to electronic remote control switches (RCS) and electronic time delay switches (TDS). Particular requirements are given in Annex FF. Switches including only passive components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) and negative temperature coefficient (NTC) components, varistors, printed wiring boards and connectors are not considered as electronic control devices. This document also applies to electronic switches and HBES/BACS switches for the operation of lighting equipment circuits and the control of the brightness of lighting equipment (dimmers) as well as the control of the speed of motors (for example, those used in ventilating fans) and for other purposes (for example, heating controls). The operation and/or control as mentioned above can be transmitted by an electronic signal via several media, for example, powerline (mains), twisted pair, optical fibre, radio frequency, infrared, etc. and are performed: - intentionally by a person via an actuating member, a key, a card, etc., via a sensing surface or a sensing unit, by means of touch, proximity, turn, optical, acoustic, thermal; - by physical means, for example, light, temperature, humidity, time, wind velocity, presence of people; - by any other influence. This document also applies to electronic control devices which include integrated radio receivers and transmitters. This document covers only those requirements for mounting boxes which are necessary for the tests on the electronic control devices. Requirements for general purpose mounting boxes are given in the relevant part, if any, of IEC 60670. This document is not intended to cover devices falling within the scope of IEC 60730 (all parts). Electronic control devices complying with this document are suitable for use at ambient temperature not normally exceeding 25 ░C but occasionally reaching 35 ░C with a lower limit of the ambient air temperature of '5 ░C. NOTE 1 For lower temperatures, see Annex E. Functional safety aspects are not covered by this document. Functional safety requirements are covered by the standards of the controlled devices. In locations where special conditions prevail, such as in ships, vehicles and the like and in hazardous locations, for example where explosions are liable to occur, special construction and/or additional requirements may be required. This document is not intended to cover devices which are designed to be incorporated in appliances or are intended to be delivered together with a specific appliance and which are within the scope of IEC 60730 (all parts) or IEC 61058-1. Examples of designs of electronic switches and HBES/BACS switches and functions are shown in Annex AA. Additional requirements for electronic control devices using DLT-technology in accordance with IEC 62756-1 are given in Annex CC. Electrical interface specification for phase-cut dimmer used in phase-cut dimmed lighting systems are given for information only in Annex EE. NOTE 2 Electronic switches and HBES/BACS switches without a mechanical switch in the main circuit do not provide a "full off-state". Therefore, the circuit on the load side are to be considered to be live.
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Replaces  NBN EN 50428:2006
Replaces  NBN EN 50428:2006/A1:2008
Replaces  NBN EN 50428:2006/A2:2009
Replaces  NBN EN 60669-2-1:2004/A1:2009
Replaces  NBN EN 60669-2-1:2004/A2:2010
Committee CLC/TC 23BX
Switches, boxes and enclosures for household and similar purposes, plugs and socket outlet for D.C.
BEC Approval 2021-03-12
NBN Approval 2022-09-21
NBN Status New
Date of ratification (d.o.r.) 2021-03-12
Date of announcement (d.o.a.) 2023-01-12
Date of publication (d.o.p.) 2023-07-12
Date of withdrawal former edition (d.o.w.) 2025-07-12
IEC file modification date 2022-09-17